A Little About Us...

While it likely needs no clarifying, we are indeed the Young family. We call the East Coast of Canada home and are proud Maritimers. What initially started as a hobby for Janine has evolved into a family endeavour of creating and connecting. Over the last several years, we have delighted in opening our doors to share pieces of our every day life; the adventures we get up to, the products we're loving, home projects we are working on and all the fun in-between.

Our story began in 2002 when we bumped into each other on some stairs at university. Amazing things are sometimes slow to develop and this was the case with our relationship; we spent a couple of years in the Friend Zone before recognizing there was really something special between us. We made up for lost time getting engaged exactly one year after our first date, and married in 2007. A short month after that we found ourselves on a plane to South Korea, where we taught English in the public school system for a year.

We retuned to Canada, settling down in Ottawa to focus on our respective careers. After the birth of our first child, Hudson in 2010, we felt a longing for "home" and returned to Nova Scotia. Since then we have added two more children to the family, Loic and Mairi and our fur-baby, Morley (Yes... Dave's wife from the Vinyl Cafe!). 

In a nut shell, we're: 

Rob: A financial analyst from 9-5.  When he isn't working he is focused on mastering Dad Jokes. Rob loves to do the cooking and gardening at home. Janine: Attentive mother trying to keep it all together. Mum enjoys eclectic music and other artsy fartsy stuff. Hudson: Proud big brother learning to master pranks, jokes, math and everything there is to know about the Titanic. Loic: The middle child, loves to laugh and sing and (huzzah) has recently figured out how to whistle... Mairi: Mairi loves pink and purple, dresses, ballet, and princesses. Mairi's best friend is Morley who she likes to pretend is her horse.