Thoughtful Christmas Treasures from Personalization Mall


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There is something extra special about giving and receiving gifts that are uniquely yours. I have found this to be especially true for our middle son and daughter whose names are not in the least bit common. Having their name on things is an instant win as far as gift giving goes! I’ve also found this novelty to not just be true for little ones, but pretty much everyone.

Opening a gift that was so obviously created just for you, is as heartwarming as gift giving gets (say that three times fast). Personalization Mall makes gifting one of a kind presents easy and affordable.

On our YouTube channel, I recently shared our new family tradition of gifting those on our list a custom ornament. This was a big “a ha!” moment for me who has long struggled with finding meaningful and budget-friendly presents. With over 800+ ornaments to choose from, Personalization Mall offers style and customization options to easily find the perfect ornament for everyone. I especially like the preview feature on their website so you can clearly see what the ornament will look like before you order. Check out our video and see the selections we chose for the special people on our holiday list this year.

Not only does Personalization Mall offer a wide arrange of ornaments, but they have a hugely impressive variety of home decor, children’s products and seasonal decoration - all available for personalization.

Product Selections

As I mentioned in the video, we were spoiled with lots of holiday goodies from Personalization Mall. We now have touches of unique decor all throughout our home which has created such a sense of cozy festiveness. All the products we received came extremely well packaged, in perfect condition and the quality was honestly, even better than I expected. The items below make beautiful gifts for your home and everyone else’s.

Monogram Sherpa Blanket

Measuring 50x60’ this blanket provides warmth and coziness to share! We have truly enjoyed having this blanket. It’s a beautiful, classic design that looks wonderful displayed in our living room and has quickly become our new go-to for snuggling to watch a movie (the sherpa is as soft as it comes).

Such an easy choice for a family gift!

Santa Bag

These are tucked away for the big morning! We have one for each of the children and we’re so looking forward to their reactions Christmas day when they find their own Santa bag. I was really impressed with the quality of materials - the canvas is a lot thicker than I was expecting and the drawstrings synch without tying. This is a new tradition in the making!

What a great way to package big gifts year after year!

Christmas Wreath Wooden Frame

There are certain decorations that when they come out each year bring an instant smile to your face; I know this will be one of them for our family. I love the classic look of the holly design which perfectly matches our style! The "Cozy By the Fire” saying couldn’t be more true for us as it really is where we’re all happiest. Our names at the bottom are a simple, yet meaningful touch. We have ours displayed on our mantle, but this wall hanging would look beautiful anywhere!

A great gift idea for another family!

Set of Two Santa Kitchen Towel Set

It’s all in the details! This set of two Santa kitchen towels is such a fun and festive touch. The towels themselves are exceptionally soft and plush (confession, I actually have them in our bathrooms!).

The option to personalize the towels make for a great present, especially a hostess gift!

Cozy Cabin Magnetic Garden Sign

Coolest idea ever! I love the versatility of this outdoor garden sign. The magnetic sign can easily be swapped out based on the occasion and season. We’re waiting for this most recently snow to melt a bit before we put our sign in the ground, but it’s too awesome to not display in the meantime. So, I put it in one of our planters (which still looks great in my opinion). The garden stake is extremely sturdy and made of rust-free solid iron. It makes for a welcoming greeting and beautiful addition to the front of any home.

Wood Ornament Stand

The perfect solution for all those exceptionally heavy, special and annual ornaments. The white wash look of the stand creates a timeless piece to showcase all your ornaments each year!

A great add-on gift idea!

Santa Tree Topper

This is just, fun! I love the child-like feel of this Santa topper. It’s such a creative and unique alternative to a star or similar. Having the option to customize the hat with your family name or any other phrase, makes it that much more unique.

I have to especially point out the plushness of this hat. I was expecting a single layer, with basic detailing - but this is the nicest Santa hat I’ve ever seen!

You can discover all of the amazing Personalization Mall products via their website.
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Mairi's Toddler Girl Bedroom Makeover | Inspiration

Well friends, it is official... while the baby of the family will always be just that, Miss Mairi is officially a toddler. I'm sure what defines the transition from baby to toddler varies by parent, but for me, it is packing away the crib. This was done without my input a few weeks ago while I had the boys out at a birthday party. Rob felt she was ready (I'll refrain from sharing my thoughts - ha!) and so I came home to Mairi screeching and jumping on her "big girl bed". Clearly, there was no going back. I have to say, despite my initial freak out, Mairi has handled her new level of freedom quite well and there have only been a couple of 2am visits from her. Now that the crib is out and potty training is underway, which means soon the changing pad and supplies will be gone too, I've started brainstorming for ideas on how to update her bedroom to reflect toddlerhood. I love the existing colour palette (see below), the little tchotchkes, furniture and overall "vintage" styling of her room; these are definitely the anchors to the updates I am planning.


In truth, there isn't really a huge amount I want or need to do. The major change is a more appropriate sized bed than the one she is currently in. My parents, thankfully, kept my 3/4 size bed that I had growing up. It has a pretty metal frame that's sturdy and feminine, but presently it's far too big for her and the room (which is pathetically small). So, the plan is to return the bed back to the utility room until she's older and buy something smaller. I had a few criteria in mind while I Googled away "small, cute, sturdy beds" and kept finding my way to Ikea's Minnen bed. The price point is reasonable, it's dainty and expands! A solid win on all fronts.

Now that the bed has been determined, I've more or less been poking around the internet for accessories and some other smaller things to create a bit of a change. Target's Pillowfort line is my current obsession. I fell in love with the whole line while in Florida last year. I managed to squeeze one pillow into our luggage, but have since regretted not sending my parents home with more. Since my parents are back in Florida this year and thankfully the same Pillowfort line is still stocked, I'm not holding back! I've been sending my Mum pictures and she's on the hunt.

I promise to provide a proper before and after tour, but for now, here is an idea of what I've been looking at: toddler girl bedroom 1. Ikea Minnen Bed - A classic look that I know will match well with the existing eclectic furniture. We will also be purchasing an Ikea mattress to fit perfectly. 2. Target Pillowfort Wall-mounted Unicorn - Wall-mounted stuffed unicorn... need I say more?! 3. Ikea Smila Blomma Wall Lamp - I have Ikea star wall lamps for each of the boys and I love them. Given their young ages, it's nice knowing for safety reasons that I don't have to worry about lamps being knocked over and they're really convenient for the kids to be able to turn on/off while in bed. I'm leaning towards the flower one for Mairi as I think it will be a nice contrast to her wall colour, but I'm also debating if this new cloud one wouldn't be cuter... decisions, decisions. 4. Charlton Home Glasgow Pink Rug Ideally, a yellow rug would be an option, but unfortunately with the colour tones in our floor it'll clash too much. The next choice would be white... but kids, so no. I found this rug and really liked the shade and that it's low pile, it'll work well in front of her bed. 5. Pillowfort Fetching Florals (pictured as single bed) and Xhiliration Multi Floral (double) Major toss up! I like both of these floral prints because they're equally cheerful, patterned and in the colour scheme I'm working with. I'm leaning more towards the Pillowfort set only because the shades are more muted.. but then again, maybe something more vibrant would be a better contrast? Thoughts?! 6. 3 pack Arrows I love the colours and think it would make a nice, dimensional piece on the main wall. However of all the ideas shown above, these are low on the list of things to buy. 7. Super Girl Pillow Is Etsy not the best?! I love this sweet pillow. It's peppy and totally matches Mairi's fun personality.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!