Weekly Meal Plan and Grocery Budget - June 25-July 1


Week one is almost in the books and I've managed to stay on track and organize for the week ahead (pat on back)! While I've been reminded of the effort required to stick to a grocery budget, the savings and general convenience are undeniable. We're sticking with this, friends.

I did go over on the budget a tad last week, but didn't buy any extra. I came in nearly $50 under budget with this most recent grocery haul, so things are definitely levelling out, which I find tends to be the case. 

Overall we have been enjoying the meal plan this week. It has allowed us to eat well, stay on track with our budget and has kept at bay the last minute, 4:30 urges to order takeaway. I did notice that I didn't buy enough snack specific foods last week, so I made shopping for that a priority and focus of next week's grocery order and now I feel we're well stocked with just about everything. Meal specifically, we loved having some vegetarian options and the kids raved about the Better For You Mac & Cheese from Monday night's meal (which ended up being super easy to prep and will definitely be added to our meal roster).

For meal planning, this week we're going pretty light with supper fare. We have a lot on the go and some pre-established family gatherings which may result in not eating at home; so I've intentionally left things flexible for upcoming suppers. If you're following along with my meal plans, you may of course, wish to substitute some!


MONDAY - Slow Cooker Hawaiian BBQ Chicken **
(Note: I always add veggies during the last 30 mins of cooking, great meal for busy nights!)

TUESDAY - BBQ Sausages, Sweet Potato and Corn

WEDNESDAY - Sub Sandwiches & Veggie Sticks/Dip

THURSDAY - Pasta and Tomato Sauce with Veggies *

FRIDAY - Loaded Nachos with Shredded Chicken

SATURDAY - Cheese Quesadillas, SouthWestern Black Bean Salad *

SUDNAY - Canada Day BBQ!

* Vegetarian meal
** Portion to be frozen