Week at a Glance | September 10-16

Last week was a busy one with squeezing in the last bit of summer fun before both boys went back to school on Thursday. We enjoyed a lazy long weekend Monday, managed one last trip to Halifax with our best buds and spent time with the grandparents! Hudson started grade two and Loic begun his school school career in primary (aka. kindergarten). We were also treated to an awesome meal at our local Boston Pizza ahead of their grand opening on Monday.

Admittedly, as much as I would have liked or benefited from, I wasn't able to fully switch over my brain from summer to school between Wednesday and Thursday. I forgot to pack the boy's lunches the night before, no meal plan in place for supper, behind on laundry, half a days worth of filming deleted... you get the idea (#reallife)!

Now, moving into our first full week back into normal routine, I am getting myself sorted today so things run smoothly come Monday. Meal planning, prepping clothing and lunches, having all the food we need on hand and a tidy house all contribute to helping things run smoothly.

If you're new to my Week at a Glance posts or forget what they're about (since I totally dropped this over the summer), welcome/welcome back! I share photos from the week before and the meal plan and project goals for the week ahead.

Project Goals

  1. Finish what I can in our master bedroom. I've already painted, but have the wallhangings and curtains to go up.
  2. Paint my home office. I'm really looking forward to making some good headway in this area. Stay tuned!

Meal Plan

Monday - Spaghetti & Salad

Tuesday - Slow cooker Pork Tenderloin (credit: East Coast Mommy)

Wednesday - Sweet & Sour Citrus Chick Stir-fry

Thursday - BBQ chicken, grilled veggie packets

Friday - Baked fajitas

Saturday - Homemade grilled chicken pizza 

I'm working on incorporating new recipes into our weekly meal plan and am always looking for recommendations! If you have a favourite go-to meal, please let me know - I'd love some new meal options.

Wishing you all a wonderful, easy week ahead!