Week at a Glance | Jan 29 - Feb 4


week at a glance

Look at me go... two weeks in a row posting my week at a glance and this week I'm adding a video! I won't make any commitment that I'll be doing a video every Sunday, but at the least I'll be sharing our weekly meal plans.

I chatted a lot in the video I posted, so I'll keep things short & sweet on the blog for this week. Check out the video below for details on what's going on this week and a look at my two Happy Planners.

Weekly Meal Plan – Jan 29-Feb 4 Sunday – Fish, steamed veggies, potatoes Monday – Marinara (Kirkland brand) sauce & pasta, salad, rolls Tuesday – Tuna melts & veggie sticks Wednesday – Frozen Pulled Chicken over rice Thursday – Mexican Bake Friday - Homemade pizza Saturday - Oven stew (Rob's own recipe which he knows by memory, but will take notes of so I can share)

I wish you a wonderful start to February!