Week at a Glance | February 5-11


meal plan week at a glance

Lots on the docket this week, so I'll jump right into sharing what the plans are!

On the home front, I am pushing through with the remaining organization projects. My main focus areas are the back entryway closet, my new office area, laundry/utility room and craft closet. The list is only a tad overwhelming when I think of how much work this will involve, but one. task. at. a. time! Knowing I won't be able to check everything off this week, I'm going to focus first on the back entryway and office. Anything in addition to that will be a huge bonus. Hudson starts his first piano lesson on Monday and he's thrilled. I'm so excited that he's interested in music. I took lessons as a child and really enjoyed them (we won't discuss my lack of talent - ha!). Unlike his poor Mum, Hudson has a natural musical ability and it'll be a blessing to see this develop. I also have a friend's baby shower to attend on Friday evening and am looking forward to being able to catchup with friends and do something social (it has been far too long)! Oh, and then at some point I'm going to need to decorate for Valentine's Day and sort out something sweet for the kid's to take to school.

Work wise, February's Virtual Group Tidying program started today and I'm thrilled with being able to lead another group through the process! I'm also finishing up the last of the program material for my KonMari Kids Group Tidying program that will start at the end of February. There are a few more things I'm working on and I'll share in the coming weeks! On my channel I'm looking forward to showing some of my favourite inexpensive ways to organize toys, a Daily to Do video and I'd like to do a brainstorming video and/or post sharing my ideas for Mairi's bedroom makeover. Gosh, just writing that all out has me exhausted :P

Let's talk meals! We did well last week with changing up our menu to accommodate some new recipes and the plan is to do the same again. The line up can be found below and as always, click the titles for the direct recipe links:

Weekly Meal Plan – February 5-11 (brought to you by my love for Ree Drummond and Mexican food) Sunday – Baked Chicken, Roasted Vegetables MondayBaked Spaghetti  TuesdayVeggie Stir-fry Wednesday – Grilled Ham & Cheese Panini Sandwiches & Veggie sticks Thursday – Simple Perfect Enchiladas Friday – Loaded Nachos (because, yum and it's Friday) Saturday - Oven stew