Week at a Glance | April 9-15 2017

meal plan april 2017
meal plan april 2017

I'm back sharing my Week at a Glance. If you've been out of the loop, I had to take a couple of weeks off of posting this series while we settled into our new schedule. Recently we joined our local YMCA and have been taking advantage of the awesome programs. With this, the kids are on the go a lot more than usual which has meant tweaking our meal plan. Instead of larger meals almost every night, we have been favouring lighter options that do not require a lot of prep time. If you can relate, this week's meal plan may serve as inspiration!

Quick recap... Last week, while busy, was steady and productive. I managed to get some videos uploaded on my YouTube channel  and work on my first ad video (yay!). The boys had a great dentist appointment and I booked Mairi for her first check-up in May. My parents arrived home from Florida on Monday and the reunion could not have been sweeter. The kids missed their Meme and Boppy so much! We capped off the work week with a trip to Truro's awesome library and got social on Saturday night with friends at a 90's themed house party. As I write this all out, I'm realizing how awesome of a week it really was.

Admittedly, I have been a bit behind with my spring cleaning, but not enough to affect my timeline. If you haven't had a chance to download my checklist, you can get it here. I really want to ensure by the end of April everything is finished, so that's what I'll be prioritizing this week. I plan to share this on my channel and on the blog - so stay tuned! We also have a fun overnight planned for Friday in Halifax, which is a little surprise for the kids. I'll be vlogging this trip and uploading the footage early next week. Then of course, Easter!

 Weekly Meal Plan – April 9-15

Sunday – Baked ham, potatoes & root veggies Monday – Chicken wild rice casserole Tuesday – Baked spaghetti Wednesday – Pork chops, side salad & oven roasted potatoes Thursday – Pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, apple slaw & sweet potato fries Friday – Dining in Halifax Saturday – Dining in Halifax

 Wishing you a wonderful, short week ahead!