Updating Light Fixtures - What to Know!


Disclaimer: This post has been done in partnership with Kent Building Supplies

Our kitchen is my least favourite part of our house. There, I said it. I spent the first four years of living in our home trying to determine what exactly the issue(s) were. I finally established that the main problems were the wall colour (yellow/beige... need I say more), orange/yellow undertone in both the cupboards and countertop) and the basic finishes that were used. We tackled the first issue this past fall by changing out the  original paint colour for Benjamin Moore's Moonshine and it made a significant difference. In addressing the countertop/cupboard issue, I really think a bright, fresh subway tile backsplash will help to neutral out the tone, but that's a ways off from happening (or is it? *hint* Rob). To remedy the last struggle of the basic, builder's grade finishes, I decided the solution would be a noteworthy chandelier above the kitchen table. 

With an open concept main level, I knew a statement light fixture would provide a substantial upgrade from the boring one we had and be a good investment as it will be enjoyed from all angles of the upstairs.

The lovely people at Kent kindly offered to assist me in this current project by graciously allowing me to pick out any light fixture I wanted (I know, right?). I did some preliminary looking on their website of the styles they carried, but knew I wouldn't be committing to anything until we got into the store. We visited the Truro Kent location and were beyond impressed with the service and the knowledge of the staff. I'll also add that the team members who assisted us had no idea who we were or that this was a partnership (aka. they weren't just awesome because they knew I would be writing about it!).

Admittedly, other then knowing I wanted our new light fixture to be "the perfect fit", I had no other considerations in mind. I actually didn't know there were considerations to be had and things to be factored in. So here is the list of things I learned, all of which will prove very useful to you should you wish to also upgrade an above table light fixture:

Tips for Choosing the PERFECT Above Table

Light Fixture

  1. Really consider the look/feel/style you want to create. I share this because I had no idea how much of a difference a light fixture can have on a space until we hung the new one. With the particular look of ours it has really enhanced the modern, yet eclectic feel of our kitchen space. Reinstating your current style or defining the look you are going for will really help to narrow down your choices.
  2. Consider hanging length. I completely skipped this step and we more or less guessed that the light fixture would hang at a good length. Some fixtures do not have as much flexibility in where they hang. Bringing along measurements of where you would like your fixture to be in comparison to the table and even seated eye level will determine options.
  3.  Light fixture knuckles. This was a huge oversight of mine when I started browsing the Kent site. I never considered that a stationary fixture would not be conducive to our lifestyle. As the staff member explained to me, if a chandelier does not have a knuckle or is not a pendant style, it has no mobility. Meaning, for example if the fixture got accidentally hit by a chair or bumped by a head it could very easily shatter. Clearly not an option!
  4. Make sure you get your measurement right. Nothing will ruin the look of a great new fixture like having it be too big or too small for your space. For your reference, here is a great guide I found via The LoopLight Fixture Measurement Guide
    • If your room is on the small side—around 10 feet by 10 feet, or less—choose a light that is about 20 inches in diameter or less.
    • A room that is between 11 feet and 13 feet in either length or width, choose a light that is between 24 and 27 inches in diameter.
    • If your room is between 14 and 18 feet or larger, choose a light that is between 24 and 36 inches in diameter

After taking a long time weighing the options, we decided on the Cala Chandelier by Canarm. It's modern aesthetic matches exceptionally well with the existing finishes in our home, yet it offers a bit of an eclectic feel to pull our whole look together. Rob says it was easy to assemble (yours truly is not well versed in things of an electric nature) and took minimal time to hang.

I knew an upgraded light fixture would have some impact and would help to spruce up the kitchen, but I really underestimated the extent of the difference it would have. Truthfully, I wish I hadn't taken so long to do it! Compared to a lot of other projects and options for redecorating, this required very little effort for the amount of change it created.

See for yourself...


You can also get a closer look at the fixture itself in this video: