Unique Christmas Toy Gift Suggestions


The struggle can so real when trying to come up with unique ideas for toy gifts. When we’re selecting for our kids, we strive to come up with a good balance of items that encourage activity, learning and creativity. Below are some categories of toys that we’ve enjoyed and feel confident recommending!



1. Air Puck - We’ll be the first to admit we’re terrible at playing hockey on ice, but with the Air Puck we’re amazing on hard surfaces! The puck itself hoovers, glows in the dark and has a great foam buffer. It’s portable fun that entertains and keeps everyone active!

2. Toilet Paper Blaster - This is definitely an outdoor activity! The Skid Shot gun is a novelty that’s as entertaining to watch as it is to use.

3. Antsy Pants Obstacle Course Set - Easy to set-up, fun and active the Antsy Pants obstacle course allows kids to set the level of challenge and get creative with designing new courses.

4. Hasbro Connect 4 Shots - A twist on the familiar classic, Connect 4 Shots is great fun that packs up easily and can be set-up with little effort. The game itself is fast-paced and definitely gets you moving!


1. Crazy Aaron’s Mixed by Me Putty Set - This is a fun set that encourages kids to follow instructions and get creative. Putty is all the rage and this kit allows kids to make their own custom, holographic version.

2. Magic Maisy - We are huge Magic Maisy fans! This line of cute and creative art supplies makes for a beautiful gift and offers a wonderful assortment of products. Our kids especially love the multi-coloured crayons and coloured pencils along with their art sets.

3. Bijoux Click Beads - A neat way to come up with your own jewelry, over and over again! Click beads connect with one another and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. They’re a great, creative and entertaining toy to take a long with you, too!

4. Marvin’s Amazing Magic Tricks Set - The perfect kit for the budding magician! This entry level magic set comes complete with everything you need to learn and perform lots of neat tricks to impress!

5. Hape 2-in-1 World Map Puzzle and Game - We love a good 2-in-1 product. The Hape World Map Puzzle and Game allows kids to enjoy learning about the world while engaged in a fun puzzle and expand on that knowledge through the game played on the same board.



1. The Magic of My Name Personalized Book - A personalized book is so meaningful. The Magic of My Name books allows kids to feel especially thought of when reading this beautifully illustrated book. The format allows for a different story based on each children’s name so it can still be special when gifted to siblings.

2. Sharkee and Bremner Books - Fun, bright and captivating stories that teach valuable lessons in an engaging way. They two books by Ripley’s have become fast favourites in our home and we expect the same will be true for yours!

3. Ripley’s 100 Years - Great recommendation for older children. The famous Ripley’s books are as captivating and educational as they’ve always been and this title is a fun way to look back over the last 100 years of unbelievable surprises.

4. Moonlite - A neat twist to traditional books! The Moonlite creates a projector using your mobile device. The illustrations of popular books titles (ex. Goodnight Moon) are illuminated on the ceiling while you read the story to your child.



1. VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera - For the aspiring photographer, VTech cameras are the best. They produce quality pictures, while still being durable enough for little hands. The Kidizoom Twist provides extra fun with a swivel lens, fun photo frames, video option and great playback. This is a solid camera for kids ages 3+.

2. VTech Digiart Creative Easel - The Digiart Creative Easel is a great, versatile toy that offers multiple options for creative play. The easel setup is great for chalk and dry-erase fun (which the easel comes with, bonus), but also for educational fun with the tabletop function that encourages learning (numbers, letter and shapes).

3. Logitech Crayon - Wonderful tool for the whole family! The Logitech Crayon is as precise as an actual pencil making it the perfect option for drawing and designing, digitally. The crayon is ergonomically designed, built tough and has an impressive battery life (2 min charge = 30 min use!).

4. PuroSound BT2200 Headphones - PuroSound is the best option for not compromising quality of sound in children’s headphones, while also being safe for little ears. These headphones aren’t just hip, they’re designed especially well and offer Bluetooth capability, a long-lasting battery length, are well fitting (and super comfortable) and come with a great carrying case.

5. Jimu Coding Robot Overdrive Kit - Awesome kit for the budding engineer! Coding is such a valuable skillset and the Jimu line of robots allows kids to learn the foundation of coding in a fun and engaging way. All instructions for the Jimu Overdrive Kit can be viewed online in a three dimensional way which we have found to be especially helpful.

We’re always excited to learn of new toy recommendations and would love to hear from you in the comments with your suggestions!