The KonMari Method Changed My Life


It's a pretty big statement to say something, "changed your life", but I'm saying, with full confidence, that the KonMari method did just that for me. The process created a 180 change in areas of my life that I'm still processing, that are still coming into fruition. I can also say, that in my 31 years, very few of the things I've experienced have had such a direct and significant impact in my life and that of my family's. So, let me share with you... If you haven't seen my journey, which I started documenting from day one through my YouTube channel, I'll link the introduction video below and from there you can find the rest of my KonMari series (all 45 videos... ha!):


I found the book, 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up', when I most needed it most. It's funny how things come together in a way that sometimes seems and feels bigger than yourself. The book spoke to my struggle and promised to remedy my issues, I was sold. When I started reading, I was immediately captivated by how much I was able to relate to what the author, Marie Kondo, was describing; all her examples, seemed like direct references from my life and struggles! I shared in my introduction video, how truly frustrated I was by the lack of enjoyment and love I had for my home. I couldn't name a single space within our house that I was proud of, that felt together, or even in the least, had potential. I was truly at my wits end and felt that in committing to this method, the worst that could happen, was it didn't work and perhaps maybe I got rid of some things. The best that could happen, is that it would finally make my house feel like a home and create contentment and order within it. So I started.

Within the first category, of sorting through all the clothing related items in our home, I was hooked. I easily got rid of more than 3/4 of my personal wardrobe, and almost six months later, have yet to miss a single article. Purging so much freed up half of our closet space, I found more enjoyment in choosing my daily outfits because everything was an option, spending time in my closet felt nice which was a feeling I hadn't ever experienced, and it completely changed the way I shopped for clothing moving forward. Pretty impressive, right? Having such immediate success with the method, had me 100% committed. Ms Kondo is a smart lady, and looking back it makes complete sense as to why she starts the process with this category. It creates a sense of accomplishment and hope for all the other areas that are to come (and there's a lot)!

In total the method took longer than I expected. I was anticipating it would take only a couple of months, especially given how quickly I was moving through the categories, but in total it was five and a half months of completing minimally one task a week. I should also note that I added tasks that were not included in the book's outline to suit the needs of my home, such as toys and seasonal decor items. Some tasks were mentally more exhausting, such as going through sentimental items or things that belonged to my children. Working through other categories left me physically exhausted; like when I went through everything in our shed and outdoor storage spaces in one morning (really, what was I thinking?!). I went through two different bouts of sickness during the almost six months, but did recall this being something Ms Kondo mentioned in her book as a common experience for those working through the process. I share these points, because I wouldn't want to give the impression that the process was always easy, it wasn't. It didn't go without sacrifice, which for me, was mainly time taken away from spending as a family.

For the sacrifice and commitment involved, which is fairly substantial, it still seems so minimal in comparison to all I, and we as a family, have gained. It has been a full week since I've completed the purging and still managed to fill another full bag of "stuff" to get rid of over the last few days.  You see, I no longer want to have anything in our home that doesn't "spark joy". There is no room for items that don't fit; either because of their lack of purposefulness or decoratively in adding to the cohesive look and feel of our home. I hardly shop anymore, which I couldn't have ever imagined saying six months ago. It no longer is something I enjoy doing; and when I do shop, it's with intention to pick-up the things we need. This has made our bank account happier! We have space, we have areas in our home that are... empty! As in, they're not cluttered with things that we think we might need at some point in the future, items we meant to find a better spot for, or were too lazy to discard. I feel a renewed sense of excitement and gratitude for the house we're blessed to call home. I see potential where it never existed before. These are the things I was hopeful would be the result of taking the plunge in completing the KonMari method. Now here's what I didn't expect. I didn't think it would change, me... and it did. I feel more settled in myself, I'm calmer and more content. I don't have the internal struggle that I use to in trying so desperately to pull together areas of my life that, despite my best efforts, just couldn't come together. I am happy. I am hopeful and I am grateful for this process and the immeasurable impact it has made.

If you're on the fence, if you're wondering if this method is for you, or if it's something you're capable of doing, let me offer you reassurance. You can, you will, and you'll have every bit of the success I've had. I can confidently offer this, because I've seen it not only do wonders for my own life, but I've seen it work for so many others. In sharing my journey through my YouTube channel, I've had the fortune of being part of a large community of people all implementing this method and have yet to hear of one person not finding the joy within it. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!