Thanksgiving/Fall 2015 Outdoor Decor Tour


I love seasonal decor, but there's something about putting together an outdoor look for Fall and Christmas that I especially love! However, before I get into sharing the details of my Thanksgiving/Fall decor, I want to first acknowledge a somewhat sad truth... I don't really like the look of the outside of our home. There, I said it. Our home is a regular ranch-style bungalow with a front veranda; which when I describe it as such, doesn't sound so bad. In actuality though, I find it to be quite boring with very little curb appeal; which is why I always make the effort to have things on the veranda. Filling in the emptiness with permanent fixtures that I add to seasonal, creates visual interest and gives me platforms to build on and work from. As a side note, we also have some major landscaping to do, which in time will add to the overall look of our property, but that's on hold until Spring.

So, now that I've had my moment of truth, let's talk about how I created this outdoor look on a pretty friendly budget; buying minimal items and using things I already owned. First, here's a tip I've learned, invest in purchasing things that can work year round and be embellished or changed depending on the season. For example, the two lanterns you see (one on the top stair, the other on the dresser) are always used, I simply change up where I have them displayed and swap out the candle in the black one to suit the current colour scheme. This keeps the cost down, while still allowing me to play around and create different looks. A lot of what I used to decorate was bought on clearance over the last five or so years, at the end of every season and added to my collection. I frequent the Dollarstore for artificial foliage and other embellishments. We love pumpkins, for decoration and then closer to Halloween for decorating, but man oh man they can be expensive to buy at the grocery store or other commercial places; so we go to a local farm to buy ours. For the last several years, we have made an outing of going to the same place to pick up the lot, but this year the farmer had a bad crop and we had to buy from another farm that was a bit pricer than we've previously paid. Ah well, $25 for about 15 pumpkins is still more than reasonable, considering the size and variety! Otherwise, I only bought a few things that I didn't have or couldn't borrow from Mum and made my own 'Y" pumpkin from a faux one purchased at Michael's (on sale and with a coupon, of course) that I just hand painted.

For all the specifics, including individual costs, check out the gallery below:

Total Cost of this Project: $57 


Hope you enjoyed the look!