Summer Activity Ideas

Summer Activity Ideas

I may be singing a different song come mid-August, but for now I'll be the first to declare that summer goes by too fast! For all the build-up, anticipation and prep, every year we blink and it's over. Every year I also go into July and August without much of a plan. Yes, we dot a few days with activities and typically one family vacation; but otherwise one day just rolls into the next and the same for weeks. While there's definitely something to be said about enjoying a couple of months of a pared down schedule, it's also nice to look back on the summer and feel you really made the most of it.

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Easy Snow Ice Cream


This was such a fun way to make the most of all the snow that we have outside! The kids loved this activity and truthfully, the snow ice cream surprised me with how delicious it is. As far as recipes go, this is the easiest thing I've ever made - it's pretty foolproof (my kind of cooking)!

Recipe: -8 cups fresh snow -1 cup milk (any variety) -1/3 sugar -1 Tsp vanilla -(Optional: toppings)

Directions: (Differs from what was shown in video - this will reduce melting time) -Combine milk, sugar & vanilla in a bowl and put in freezer -Collect your snow in a separate bowl -Add the ingredients from the freezer to the snow by mixing with a spoon or spatula *Note - the ice cream does melt rather quickly, so be sure to enjoy right away!