Steppin' Out | Museum of Industry - Pirates, Parrots & Plunder

museum of industry  

We had the wonderful opportunity on Saturday to kick off March break with a visit to our local museum, The Museum of Industry. We're big fans of the museum and frequent it on almost a weekly basis for their Lego club (psst, it's awesome and free!), but it was a real treat to be able to enjoy this outing as a family and take in their current event, "Parrots, Pirates & Plunder!". 

Before we even got into the museum, the kids were beyond excited (they had been counting down their visit for a week) and once inside, it was obvious how much work and effort had been put into this attraction. The massive boat is what caught our attention first, the kids were able to raise the flags, try tying notes and climb up on the stern and go down the slide. Their excitement of the ship didn't last long though with everything else there was to do.

All of the prepared activities were hands on (major plus) and thoroughly facilitated by the amazing staff that were both helpful and really engaged with the children. Our little artist, Loic loved making his own pirate hat, the animal lover of the family, Mairi was captivated (from a distance) with the parrots and the performer of the three, Hudson made his big debut as part of the dress up performance. Other attractions include: walk the plank, cannon challenge, virtual sandbox, treasure hunt through the museum and lego table. They even considered the smaller pirates with a designated quiet area containing books and soft blocks.

It's always nice to be able to get out as a family and do something new and fun. We really enjoyed all of the museum's hard work and wonderful facilitation of this special event!

We highly recommend taking in the festivities. The "Pirates, Parrots & Plunder" event is continuing through Sunday, March 19. Additional information can be found on the museum's Facebook page and official website.

Sincere thanks to the museum for having us! *We were provided with tickets for this event. All opinions are my own.