Schlage Encode Review *GIVEAWAY OPEN*

This post is sponsored by Schlage Canada. As always, all opinions shared are truly our own.


There are only a few things that I have ever owned that made me question how we ever lived without them. The Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt from Schlage is definitely on this list. Read on to learn why we’re totally obsessed!


Before jumping into all the amazing benefits of the Encode (to which there are many), I feel it necessary to start with the aesthetic. Prior to learning of the Encode, I was convinced we needed a brand new front door. Which, if you’re familiar, doesn’t exactly come cheap. Even still, I was so tired of the classic look of our front door, which doesn’t at all match our personal style, that I was seriously considering it. The navy paint wasn’t helping the cause either. However the Century Trim Encode and matching Century Front Entry Handle has proven to be the only update we needed. The black matte finish of the unit is a perfect compliment to the glass detailing of the door while also providing the more modern look we were looking for; ultimately saving us from a full door replacement. If a more classic look is your preference, the Encode does come in the Camelot trim which offers a more traditional look.


While Rob gets the credit for installing the Encode, I did watch (supervise) everything and can attest to how easy it is. The provided instructions are simple to follow and the steps are easy to perform. In total it look about 10-15 minutes for complete installation.


Just like the install, set-up for the WiFi function of the Encode was simple and intuitive. With step-by-step prompts, the Schlage Home app is extremely easy to navigate and didn’t come with any real learning curve. Creating passcodes for the deadbolt is done through the app.


For people who notoriously lose their keys, having a keypad is a major upgrade for us. No longer having to worry about remembering keys or replacing them is a definite win. However the Encode, with its built-in WiFi capability, takes this convenience to a whole new level. Through the Schlage Home app, we are able to do the following:

  • Create up to 100 unique passcodes for family, friends, etc. This would be especially helpful to those who run Airbnbs.

    • You can have these passcodes be temporary, reoccurring or permanent

    • Specifically control the date range of the passcode being active

    • Email or text the passcode to the recipient

  • Unlock/lock the deadbolt from anywhere. Always peace of mind that our home is secure and that we can also unlock our door regardless of where we are.

  • Monitor activity. Optional Smartphone notifications can be turned on for all Encode lock/unlock activity of the door.


We’ve been using the Encode for a little over a week now and trust me when I say we can’t imagine not having it! With a busy household, the Encode has really proven to be a huge benefit and I know the below list will only continue to grow as we use it more:

  • No longer having to remember keys.

  • Conveniently being able to provide passcodes instead of spare keys to family, neighbours and friends staying with us.

  • Easy for grandparent drop-off. Often things come up where unexpectedly I have grandparents pick-up the kids from school and activities. If the reason is because I’m caught up somewhere, I know those dropping off our children can still get into our home without issue.

  • People letting our dog out. Like the above example, sometimes we are away longer than expected and we need someone to pop over to let Morley outside. Being able to send a passcode via text or email is convenient for everyone.

  • Instant unlock. While setting up a new passcode takes no more than a minute, if we just want to instantly unlock our door we can do so via the Schlage Home app. Meaning if someone is on our doorstep and just needs to quickly enter our home, we can do that.

  • Children. Our kids aren’t at the age yet where they’re coming home by themselves, but we’re not too far away from that. Having the Encode ensures they will also be able to let themselves in without issue and also that we can monitor when they are coming and going!

  • Knowing our home is secure. This is huge for us. We’ve far too regularly been somewhere and both questioned whether the house was locked. With the Encode we now have peace of mind that despite how far away we are, we can ensure our house is locked through the Schlage Home App.

  • Automatic deadbolt. This is a customizable feature of the Encode that I love. The deadbolt automatically locks after being open for four minutes. For me with little ones at home, I know that no matter the activity, the door is always locked behind us.

  • Light up keypad. I have found this to be especially helpful when arriving home late at night. The illuminated numbers are easy to see.

  • Compatibility. In addition to the Schlage Home app, the Encode also works with Google Assistant and Alexa.


For complete peace of mind, security and convenience the Schlage Encode is truly a worthwhile investment that we cannot recommend enough. If you have any questions about our experience with this Smart WiFi Deadbolt please feel free to leave a comment, we are happy to answer!


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