Family Christmas Bucket List - Printable


Traditions and spending time with those that mean the most, is what Christmas is all about. This year we’re bringing both of these together in the form of our Family Christmas Bucket List. This idea came about after we all really enjoyed creating one for this past summer.

Seasonal and holiday bucket lists offer the opportunity to come up with neat ideas of things to do to make the most of that special time. Family bucket lists specifically provide an activity to be enjoyed together; fostering fun and memory making.

Life seems especially busy this year with Rob now in school. We’ve already had to forego a few of our favourite Christmas events because they simply didn’t work with our new schedule. However, sitting down together to come up with things we can make happen has been a wonderful way to still savour the magic of this season and ensure we’re making lasting memories.

While you could certainly go big with your ideas, as a family, we came up with a relatively simple and achievable list of things we hope to enjoy over the upcoming holidays. Below are some of our bucket list ideas and others that might work, too. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to create your own (and hey, with an easy printable - why not?!).

Holiday Bucket List Ideas

  • Mail a letter to Santa

  • Drive to see Christmas lights

  • Watch holiday movies (bonus points, if you commit to a number)

  • Bake (maybe try some new recipes?)

  • Host a fun gathering (pizza party, crafting night, kid’s Secret Santa)

  • Make a homemade gift

  • Decorate as a family

  • Donate to a toy and/or food drive

  • Attend a Christmas parade

  • Go carolling

  • Have a ‘Christmas PJ’ day

  • Set-up a Hot Chocolate bar

  • ‘Play’ as a family (toys, games, coasting)


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