Polysleep Mattress and Pillow Review

This post is written in collaboration with Polysleep. We tested the Polysleep Mattress for six months in exchange for our honest opinion. As always, all thoughts expressed are our own.


When we purchased our last mattress, just a few years ago, we assumed it was going to last. For the amount of research we did and money we invested, we felt we made a solid decision. Unfortunately, within two weeks the mattress’ pillow-top started to bunch and it needed to be replaced. That should have been a red flag to seek another brand or at least model, but alas we were hopefully it was just a lemon. The replacement was fine for the first six months to a year, but slowly we started noticing sagging and the sides of the mattress letting go. This coupled with never really having a great sleep, confirmed for us that we needed to find a better mattress. Enter, Polysleep! This collaboration couldn’t have come with better timing.

We were gifted the most popular model, The Polysleep Mattress. While excited that we were receiving a new mattress, I was a bit skeptical. Feeling a bit jaded by our poor experience with “the best, top-of-the-line mattress”, I really wasn't convinced that Polysleep would be a whole lot better. Truthfully, my main reservation was that it shipped in the mail. I’ve only ever known mattresses to be heavy, clunky pieces that are bulky and require a lot of coordinating to set up. However, the Polysleep arrived on a day that Rob wasn’t at home, and this wasn’t a problem. I was able to very easily bring the mattress box inside, open up the protectant cover and set it up with no issues. Bonus: the box later became a rocket ship (did you catch that on Instastories?) that kept the kids busy for days.


Once set up, my first observations were pretty obvious. The mattress itself is not as thick as our previous one. Despite our bed frame and boxspring, the mattress still sits much lower to the ground than we were familiar. This wasn’t a big deal for us, but I can imagine those who like a higher bed may want to factor this in. The other thing I noted is the relatively simple form of the mattress. No quilted pattern, riveted sections, pillow-top or sections to the mattress. Aesthetically, it’s pleasing and minimalist - I like it.

Now for what matters most… how do I find sleeping on the Polysleep Mattress? I love it. I don’t miss my soft, pillow-top; in fact, I can’t imagine ever sleeping on one again. The solid construction of the Polysleep Mattress provides full support and comfort all night long. I no longer wake up feeling unrested and achy (which was standard with our old mattress). The anti-microbial foam has also helped to keep my seasonal allergies at bay!

Polysleep Pillow

We were properly spoiled by Polysleep with a full sleep makeover. Not only did they provide a huge upgrade with our mattress, but they also sent two of their amazing pillows. Now truthfully, I didn’t know anything about their pillows when they let us know they were including them. However, once I took them out of the packaging, I knew right away that they were unlike any other pillow I had ever seen, much less used.

I deal with chronic neck issues, so choosing good pillows is very high on priority list. In fact, I use to have three, that depending on my needs of the night, I would alternate between. With the Polysleep Pillow, it is all that I need and use. This is because of the unique customization feature of the pillow.

Each Polysleep Pillow (available in standard or king size) comes with four layers of foam which can be easily added or removed via the side zipper on the outer cover. For reference, I tend to sleep with three layers and Rob prefers four. One of my favourite things about the Polysleep Pillow is how I can roll the foam layers, place them back inside the cover and have even more support when watching tv or reading in bed. The pillow cover is also stuffed so it’s as soft and plush as any cotton or down filled pillow.


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Final Thoughts

A good night’s sleep is not something I take lightly. After six months of sleeping on both the Polysleep Mattress and Pillow, I can confidently say that they have not only met, but exceeded my expectations. Both products are Canadian made, exceptionally well crafted and are as sturdy and comfortable as they were on night one.

Polysleep also offers a 100 night trial, free shipping/return and a 10 year warranty which makes trying out their mattresses risk free. A company who stands behind and believes in their product is everything and it’s clear that this is the case with Polysleep!


Enter to win one standard Polysleep Pillow (value $89). Note this contest is only open to residents of Canada and has no cash value.