Growing Big Dreams with Playmobil's Spirit Lucky's Happy Home


We are big Playmobil fans around here (and no, I’m not just referring to the Young children, Mum and Dad love it, too!). Having followed the program for the last couple of years, we’re also fans of the Netflix original series, Spirit. When we discovered Playmobil was making Spirit play sets, we were eager to start collecting. In particular we thought of our daughter, Mairi.

The older Mairi becomes, the more increasingly aware we are of the impression tv, toys and media in general has on her. In particular with a daughter, I want her to feel inspired by older girls and women who are independent and driven by their goals. Spirit is a perfect example of this. The female lead characters exemplify the strength and determination I want Mairi to feel encouraged by.

Mairi is in the play-dolls-all-day-everyday stage of toddlerhood. The Playmobil Spirit Lucky’s Happy Home has proven perfect as a great size, wonderfully engaging and inspiring doll house for her. In true Playmobil fashion the Lucky’s Happy Home has been created with beautiful attention to detail, yet is well constructed and sturdy enough to handle true playing.


The Lucky’s Happy Home set came complete with a great assortment of furniture and accessories to set things up. I was also very impressed that two dolls were provided (Lucky and Aunt Cora) as well as, Spirit the horse. Mairi really enjoys the kitchen pieces and the novelty of all the little drawers actually opening has not worn off! There’s also a great '“secret hideout” that proves very helpful for storing a lot of the small kitchen items.


We’ve expanded our collection to also include the Abagail and Boomerang set. This has been a great addition to the house and has added another level of play, focusing especially on caring for animals.


Lucky’s Happy Home is a toy that has instantly become a favourite. Its classic appeal has already made it a treasured keepsake. If you have a little Spirit fan in your home, this is an easy recommendation!