Monthly Goals | April 2017

april 2017 goals
april 2017 goals

Over the last few months, I got away from not only sharing my Monthly Goals on my YouTube channel, but also in actually creating them. Life got busy and I simply did not prioritize it. This past week, it occurred to me that I really need to come back to this routine because it is so beneficial. I find creating and working towards monthly goals not only keeps me feeling calm, but it also encourages me to focus on my personal growth. So I'm welcoming spring with new goals that I'm looking forward to working on.

April Goals

  1. Being patient with myself - I often get discouraged and frustrated when I'm not accomplishing as much as I would like. The reality is, I probably will never feel as though I am on top of my to do list. I am constantly adding new projects and ideas to my plate for things I would like to do which means the list is always growing. During this phase of life I'm in, there isn't always the time to get everything done. I will be striving towards accepting this and instead of being disappointed in sometimes the lack of progress, I will focus instead I what I have completed.
  2. Turning off my phone and computer by 8pm every night - I created this goal in an effort to allow time for me and my husband, to unwind and decompress from the day and also to encourage me to rest more than I have been.
  3. Listing 5 things I am grateful for each night - This is a wonderful practice to implement and something I use to do for years (and again got away from). I want to get back to this as I find it is such a calming way to end my day.

If you will be working on your own goals for April and feel comfortable sharing, I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment  below.