Ideas for a March Break Staycation


March Break (or Winer/Spring Break as you might call it) is actually one of my most favourite breaks during the school year. I look forward to it (yes, really!). March Break is not tied to a holiday and unlike summer, it’s only a short amount of time. This allows me to just focus on the kids and enjoy being together in a way that we don’t often get.

While vacations are fun, it’s not something we do every year. Even when we do travel during the winter, most of our trips do not line up with being away for March Break. Either way, staycations are awesome! If you’ve never considered being at home with your kiddos during the winter break as a ‘staycation’, this is your year to start! Looking at the break as an opportunity to do some fun things you might not be otherwise able to fit in during the school year, will create memories of a week to remember!

Preplanning for March Break

Without taking away from the novelty of just having time off of school, I do like to frame the week with some fun activities (because by day two of just lounging around, I for one get shack happy). Coming up with a loose schedule of things to do is something I typically establish a couple of weeks before the break. I also plan most activities for half a day with the exception of one ‘special day’ in which we usually take a road trip.

Below are some easy activities that will keep March Break fun and manageable while also being budget friendly!

Easy March Break Ideas

  • Public Swim - Most pools offer morning or afternoon public swims that make for an easy and active outing. I found a few local options that were even free for March Break. In my experience, morning swims tend to work best because my kiddos are usually tired afterwards and are content to relax for the afternoon.

  • Library Events - Libraries aren’t just for reading! Like most, our local library offers lots of great programming for all my kids and have unique ones just for March Break. I recommend checking out what is being scheduled for the break and sign-up if required as early as possible.

  • Museum Visit - An outing that can easily last a full morning or afternoon. Often around winter break museums will host special events and/or exhibits.

  • Exchange Playdates - Host a playdate in exchange for friend’s hosting one, too. This is such an easy thing to do, but will easily entertain your children for a full morning or afternoon. Exchanging playdates also means two easy, minimal cost mornings or afternoons that you can count on your kids having fun! If this is something you routinely do, consider having each host prepare a special snack, activity or craft to add a little extra to the playdate!

  • Movie Afternoon (with Tent/Fort) - Up your movie watching game by creating a tent/fort around or in front of your TV. Bonus points for wearing your PJs!

  • Nature Walk & Craft - Spend a morning or afternoon going for a walk in nature. During the outing, have your kids collect different things from nature and create a fun craft using those items. I’ve done this several times with the kids during different seasons and they love it.

  • Paint Snow - If you still have snow hanging around, take advantage and send your kids out to decorate. Check out this easy recipe.

  • At Home Games - Staying home doesn’t need to be boring!

    • Freeze Dance (if you have Google Home, Alexa is perfect for this game)

    • Hide/Seek (change up the traditional way by playing Sardines)

    • Board Game afternoon (call friends over to play)

    • Scavenger hunt

    • Set up an obstacle course for your kids, have your kids then set one up

  • Bake - Try a new recipe or whip up an old favourite. Stretch out this activity by packaging up some baked goods and deliver to friends/family.

  • Get ready for Easter! - Decorate, bake, decorate Easter eggs

  • Plan your Summer Family Bucket List - Check out our FREE printable list.

  • Bowling - Such a fun outing that will allow the kids to burn off some energy!

Full Day Road Trip

It’s definitely not necessary and you can certainly have a great week staying around home, but if the weather cooperates, we usually get away for a full day during March Break. In recent years, I’ve teamed up with a friend and we do this with her three children. The kids love the drive so much more with the company of their friends, I get to chat and benefit from another set of parental hands, it changes things up for everyone and it’s also cost effective to split a least some of the expenses.

We usually head to our closest city, Halifax. We spend the day typically checking out one museum, a park (if the weather is conducive) and an indoor play area. We pack snacks, keep meals easy and make it more about being together than spending money!