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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Mobile Shop . All opinions are 100% mine.


With kids in school, life is especially busy! Keeping everything in check is definitely a balancing act and even the most organized parent is bound to forget something now and then (guilty!). However, I have found keeping myself ahead of the game and prepared has made coordinating, planning and being 'present' a lot easier for back to school and beyond.

It took a couple of years of my children being in school for me to settle into what works best for managing everything, but I've got it down. My secret tool of sorts is my phone. My mobile device serves as our family/home/school/life command centre and it is the best thing I've found for staying on top of it all.

Before I share my tips for using your phone as your command tool, it's important to note that having a capable phone is essential. Not every device functions the same and my advice is based on using a Smart Phone. The Mobile Shop is a great place to research the different options available as their Mobile Advisors will offer their unbiased opinion(s) based on your individual needs and preferences. The Mobile Shop also has all the latest phones and offers numerous wireless providers to choose from. You can also earn hundreds of PC Optimum points for shopping at The Mobile Shop in any of their locations across Canada. 


  1. Schedule. I take full advantage of my phone's calendar. I include all dates as I learn of them and have made it part of my routine to reference my calendar each morning so nothing is overlooked. A lot of phones allow you to send calendar information to your contacts, which is really helpful! I always send, Rob any appointments or important dates involving the kids so he's in the loop, too!
  2. Set Alerts! This one is huge. Well in advance of events, set alerts on your phone to prompt yourself to get everything done ahead of time. For example, with Back to School, I set a reminder alert to buy school supplies mid-August so September doesn't sneak up on me and cause any unnecessary stress. I also do this for picture day. I schedule a reminder for three weeks before photo day to coordinate clothing. This leaves me lots of time to see what I have already and, if needed, purchase any new items. I set another alert a week after that to get my children in for haircuts. It might seem a little intense, but it takes the guess work out of staying on top of everything and that's key!
  3. Lists I have lists for almost everything stored on my phone. This has come in handy more times than I can tell you! With the convenient portability of mobile phones, it's so easy to reference things on the go. 
    Examples of lists:
    - Birthdays
    - Gift ideas
    - Shopping lists
    - Packing lists
    - Health concerns
    - School assignments
  4. Pictures A lot of new phones have amazing picture taking capabilities. Having a new phone with this feature allows you to capture all the special moments like 'First Day Back to School' with ease. Extra points if you schedule an alert to ensure you remember to take the picture!

These are just a few of the ways I stay on top of everything using my phone. The more you put into practice using your phone for this purpose, the more routine it will become!

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- Janine

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