Lug Puddle Jumper Packable Tote GIVEAWAY!


Lug is a favourite of ours for bags and travel accessories. We’ve trusted the brand for years. The design, organization and aesthetic of each Lug piece puts their products in a league all of their own!

If you’ve never owned a piece of Lug or are looking to add to your collection, this giveaway is for you!

The Lug Puddle Jumper is one of my all time favourite pieces that they have designed. Its versatility has worked well for me as a diaper, gym and weekend bag. I’ve own the same classic Puddle Jumper for nearly six years and it looks nearly new! I’ve recently added a Puddle Jumper Wheelie 2 to our luggage collection and it has proven to be the perfect fit for a weekend and carry-on piece.

The Puddle Jumper packable tote is the perfect addition to the P.J collection. It is practical, light-weight, and easy to store; making it an obvious choice for a simple day trip outing, backup bag or main piece of luggage.

Enter below for the opportunity to WIN a Puddle Jumper Packable Tote in the Crimson Large Dot design.
Approx. Value. $60 CAD