Loving Kroma Phone Cases

*This post is sponsored, as always, all opinions are my own.

My Thoughts on Kroma

I went years without using a phone case. Seriously. However, all it took for this unwise decision to be corrected, was an unforgiving drop. One massive bill and a new iPhone later, I don't mess around when it comes to phone cases. I now view cases as a solid investment on a device that I use constantly. I've also become a tad obsessed with finding a solid option.

When Kroma reached out wondering if I would try their cases, I was certainly open to the opportunity. Upon checking out their website, I was impressed with their clean designs, BPA free(click for video) and recyclable construction, 11 foot drop protection and pricing.

Now that I've been using the case for a few days, I am equally impressed with the ease of putting the bumper and backplate on, the solid feel of the case and the overall quality. I'm a fan!

Here's a look at the backplate designs I picked out:

The backplate design is on the interior of the plate, so no concerns that it will wear over time. I love that the bumper options (white, black and coral/pink) all coordinate with the backplate designs.

Another notable observation is how easy the buttons work with the bumper on (the best I've found) and all ports are easy to access.

I genuinely love my Kroma cases and already have my eye on a few new backplates!

Check out Kroma on their WebsiteInstagram, Facebook and YouTube.