Summer Mom Bag using the Kyreen Backpack

Perhaps you can relate… around here summer is busy and almost unpredictable. Spontaneous outings, quick changes of plans and staying out longer than expected is sort of the speed by which we operate from June - August. While we actually like this go-with-the-flow summer vibe, being prepared is key to keeping our summer train on track (choo choo… you know I had to add that).


Since our youngest potty trained a couple of years ago, I’ve made due without having a diaper bag. Getting by with just my purse and/or a small bag has worked well for short outings, but summer requires way more (as in we somehow need all. the. things). Last year, I came up with my ‘Summer Mom Bag’. This was my solution to my seemingly always being underprepared for something that otherwise would have made for a perfect outing (#momfail).

Now this isn’t rocket science and you may well have been toting around your own Summer Mom Bag for the last decade, but for yours truly this has been a game changer. I don’t over complicate the packing (I include this because I am typically all about the intricate packing) and, with the exception of restocking, I keep the bag in the van at all times. This ensures it’s never mistakingly left behind.


The bag I use is a backpack. I cannot stress enough how important this style is because having full, hands-free capability with kids is essential. This said, not every backpack is the same. The Kyreen really is designed as the perfect Mom bag (though I’ve also used and loved it when I’m not with my kids). The well thought out design, built-in organization, additional accessories, comfort and style is what makes this bag truly perfect and the ultimate solution for a Summer Mom Bag.

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Some of my favourite elements of the Kyreen Mommy Bag:

  • Comfort: Mesh back is breathable; great for even the hottest days. Shoulder straps are padded and also have a mesh backing.

  • Size: Perfect for a day trip, overnight or even a few days away. The large interior is roomy enough for several days worth of clothing, a packed lunch, beach items and/or other gear. Even when fully packed the bag doesn’t look or feel bulky.

  • Lots of zippered pockets. Need I say more?

  • Packing accessories included. 1x mid-sized packing cube, 1x small size packing cube, diaper changing pad, wet bag. Huge value and super handy, organizational items to have.

  • Luggage loop. Generously sized and great for travel.

  • Security zippered back pocket. Perfect for keeping personal items like your wallet and passport discreetly tucked away.

  • Laptop/tablet sleeve. Located at the back of the interior section and well padded this sleeve accommodates even my 17” MacBook pro. Amazing!

  • Side water bottle pouch. Insulated with drawstring closure.

  • Side wipe/accessory pocket. Can also serve as a second bottle holder.

  • Removable stroller straps. While my kids are older, we have found the straps to be very useful while using our stroller at amusement parks etc.


These are my staple items that I always have in my Kyreen.

  1. Zippered Organizer section

    1. Pen

    2. Paper

    3. Glasses

    4. Facial tissue

    5. Lip care

    6. Glass cleaner wipes

    7. First-Aid/Toiletry pouch

  2. First-Aid/Toiletries (pouch)

    1. Bandaids

    2. Antiseptic wipes

    3. Bug spray

    4. Sunscreen stick

    5. Hand sanitizer

    6. Children/Adult medicine

    7. Hair elastics

  3. Reusable bag

  4. Wet bag

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Diaper changing pad (for sitting)

  7. Large wipes

  8. Large Packing Cube

    1. Cotton shorts, shirt, socks, underwear (set per child)

  9. Small Packing Cube

    1. Swim suit per child

  10. Wallet

  11. Nonperishable snacks

Other items that my children have with them but that I don’t include in the bag are hats and water bottles. In our van I also have a portable organizer which is stocked with towels, dog accessories, emergency supplies, backup water and other essentials.

If we’re planning a specific outing, I always take my bag and add to the main contents. I also find it helpful to remove the clothing packing cubes to accommodate other items in the main portion of the bag. The cubes can easily be kept in the vehicle when not in use.

Overall this is a simple idea, but one that can save you a huge headache in not having what you need and also allows for embracing spontaneous outings!