Spring Cleaning - Simplified Bathroom Using the KonMari Method


This post is sponsored by Johnson’s Baby, all opinions are my own.

Nothing feels fresher than a well cleaned, KonMari decluttered and organized bathroom (am I right?)! With three busy kiddos I find staying on top of their bathroom is so important. I do a good weekly cleaning and a wipe down everyday; but find I need to do a proper go-through at least every six months. Over the last few years we have really pared down the contents to what now feels like the right amount of everything (I've reached the 'click point' for those of you fellow KonMari enthusiasts).

For a full look at all the cleaning, decluttering and organization I did for this most recent tidy, check out my YouTube video via this link.

Below you'll find my tips for keeping things simple for kid's bathrooms.


  1. Limit the amount of bath toys. A major source of tub clutter is having too many toys in such a small space. They can take up a lot of room and make storage a challenge. Keep things simple with a minimal amount and declutter often to ensure you are not keeping toys that have mold and mildew.
  2. Storing bath toys. Some great options for corralling tub toys include a large size colander for storing the toys in the base of the bathtub. If freeing up surface space is preferred, a simple mesh laundry bag or a Toy Tamer Bag work great! These can be easily attached to the faucet or shower handle.

3. Establish a storage space for everything. In an effort to keep a bathroom organized, it's crucial to designate storage places for everything. This also proves especially useful in teaching children to be responsible for keeping tidiness.


4. Declutter often. Staying on top of bathroom contents is an easy way to keep all storage, and the overall feel of an area, organized. It also allows for only keeping what you know you will need and use.

5. Simplify Products. Reducing the amount of body care products as well as using ones that double-up in purpose is extremely helpful. Only storing a limited amount of toiletries keeps cleaning and organization easy and simple. We have simplified our kid's bath/shower routine to previously using a lot to now only using three main Johnsons Baby products. This has really freed up significant space in our bathroom. Read below for my product recommendations.

These five tips are easy to implement and will make staying on top of your kid's bathrooms manageable (win/win)! If you have any suggestions of things you do either in your children's bathroom or in other places, I would love to hear! Please share in the comments.

Bath product recommendations

As I shared, products that double or triple up in purpose are a game-changer. The Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash is mild and gentle enough for all three of my children. It works equally well as a body wash and shampoo. This newly reformulated wash is dye, soap and paraben free. I also find as a bonus, it can be used for making a great bubble bath, too! Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Lotion is the only lotion we need as it's moisturizing enough for even my oldest son's extreme dryness and gentle enough for my toddler's sensitive skin. I like having wipes accessible to my children. I have found having the Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Washcloths handy has cut down on general mess and has allowed my children to be a bit more self-sufficient in the bathroom. These gentle yet highly effective wipes are larger than average so they work well for scrubbing up dirty hands, faces and even the whole body!