DIY KonMari Printer Stand with Fusion Mineral Paint



When I couldn’t find even a basic printer display for my office, I got creative and repurposed a vintage record stand. The stand itself was a great find which I scored for only $5 a few years ago! When I took home the piece, I didn’t think of it as the perfect solution for my printer so it served as a makeshift nightstand until I finally realized its ideal purpose.

The stand itself was a bit of a diamond in the rough. It was perfectly solid in construction, but its age showed through with old stain and a lot of surface wear. These factors never concern me when considering whether I can update a piece of furniture because I exclusively use Fusion Mineral Paint. It is truly a miracle worker for bringing new life to a worn piece and is user-friendly for even the most novice of DIYers.

Fusion Mineral Paint Overview

If you’re not familiar with Fusion Mineral Paint, let me acquaint you. It is simply put, amazing. Regardless of the size of project, Fusion delivers. It’s ease of application and gorgeous finish is what first brought to this line of paint and I haven’t looked back.


Ease of Use: I always describe Fusion as “fool proof” because I truly believe it is. The learning curve to getting started is minimal and Fusion’s website has amazing references to ensure you know exactly what you need to do for prep. Paint application is straight-forward with the finished results being a flawless matte look.

A Little Goes a Long Way: One of the first things I noted about Fusion is just how little you truly need; making projects very cost effective.

Colour Choices: Fusion offers a wide range of colours from deep classics to bright hues. No matter what your desired look is, you can find the perfect shade in their different palettes.

No Top Coat Needed: Yes, you read that right!

Durability: I have used Fusion on indoor and outdoor furniture projects and it has held up even with extreme seasonal weather!

DIY Printer Stand

This was as simple of an up-cycle project as there has ever been!


  • Light sanding using a 220 grit paper

  • Wipe down after sanding with a damp rag


  • Colours used: Inglenook (main) and Picket Fence (Legs)

  • I did two coats of paint

  • No top coat needed


  • Tray - IKEA

  • Inside magazine holders - IKEA

I have several other upcoming DIY projects that you know I’ll be using Fusion Mineral Paint for, so be sure to follow along and hopefully get inspired to do some projects of your own!