Kalea Bag Review + Giveaway


In keeping with my KonMari practice and mindfulness, when investing in the purchase of anything new I have definite criteria that need to be met. Among these, does it meet a need/want, is it made of quality and will it serve a continued purpose?

Since our youngest became potty trained I have found myself not requiring a full diaper bag, but still needing something to house all of our essentials. Up until I was introduced to the Kalea bag, I was toting around canvas bags and the like for most day trips and outings with the kids. This wasn't a great solution for several reasons. It didn't allow me to overly organize contents, I was constantly having things fall out and the bag was always awkwardly slung over my shoulder and in the way.

The Kalea bag has been the perfect solution for a couple of things I was needing. Most obviously a bag that I can use for outings with my children, but equally a backpack for myself and something large enough that I can use as a potential carry-on when traveling.


Favourite Features of the Kalea Bag

  • It's so versatile! I wish I had this option when I was shopping for a diaper bag eight years ago. It has perfect functionality for this purpose, but will still prove serviceable as your needs change. Even after your children no longer require you to take things for them, you can use the bag for your own needs (and you'll want to because it's gorgeous)!
  • It's aesthetically pleasing. The black/gold colour combo of the Kalea bag makes it an easy and classic addition to existing luggage and travel accessories. It's also neutrall enough that a man can use it for a diaper bag.
  • Built-in organization. Apart from the included three cube bags and changing pad, the Kalea offers lots of roomy zippered pockets, pouches and clips (for keys and stroller).
  • It's affordable! Travel accessories are generally pricey and when you start to add on coordinating items it can really add up. I love that the Kalea comes with everything you need with the added bonus of organizational cubes and a changing pad.
  • The bag is comfortable. The Kalea is, size-wise, very well portioned. It's not cumbersome or awkward to wear. The straps and back portion of the bag are padded mesh which allows for comfortable use for hours.

As I mentioned, the Kalea can be used for various purposes. I even read a review on Amazon in which a man shared that he purchased the bag to suit his needs as a professional poker player!

Notable Features for Various Uses

Diaper Bag

  1. Backpack style
  2. Exterior, insulated bottle holder
  3. Included changing bag
  4. Detachable stroller clips
  5. Roomy pockets
  6. Organizational cubes x 2
  7. Drawstring pouch (great for soiled items)
  8. Exterior wipe pocket

General Backpack

  1. Comfortable to wear
  2. Great size
  3. Water resistant
  4. Water bottle holder
  5. Key clip
  6. Bottom metal feet
  7. Built-in laptop/tablet sleeve


  1. Luggage sleeve
  2. Security Compartment
  3. Full zippered opening of the main compartment
  4. Classic black look
  5. Padded shoulder straps and mesh backing
  6. Multiple exterior pockets

The Kalea bag is an easy investment that you can be assured will suit your various needs for years to come!


- Janine