How to Easily Organize Your Kitchen

konmari kitchen organizationI've only just recently recovered from how much work purging our kitchen was (seriously, how can such a seemingly small space hold so much stuff?!). Knowing I had to face the same space again and reorganize it all, had me stalling. If you find yourself feeling the way I was, fear not friends, I got through it and not only did I survive, I promise it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. In fact, having a strategy and keeping things simple made it almost fun (yes, really) to work through our home's busiest space.

Using Marie Kondo's Spark Joy as inspiration, and going with her key point of having your kitchen serve the purpose of encouraging you to want to cook, and having things stored in such a way that it's easy to maintain tidiness, this is what I've come up with for an easy strategy for achieving an organized kitchen:

Step One: Get a Game Plan! Spend time in your kitchen and really look at the way things are currently set up: 1. Take a good look at the different areas of space in your kitchen. A. Are you making the best use of the "prime real-estate" storage spaces? Keep your most frequently used items in the most accessible spaces, while storing your infrequent things in the lesser preferred areas. B. Is your kitchen set up in the most practical and efficient way? Look at the way you use your kitchen, where you prepare your food and drink and evaluate how you currently have things stored in relation this. C. What can you change to make your kitchen work better? Play around with different ideas, until you come up with a solution that "clicks" and makes the most amount of sense. 2. If you're struggling with establishing what changes need to be made, seek out help from someone else!

Step Two: Plan Once you've determined what changes need to be made, it's time to plan: 1. Measure (and measure again) all the different drawers and cupboards - include measurements for different configurations of how you can organize each space (buying ideal sized containers isn't always possible, you may need to play around with layouts) 2. Take an inventory of all your staple food products and make a list of all the containers/jars you need to purchase 3. Bring container list and measuring tape to the store (Dollar stores are wonderful places to buy containers and storage solutions) 4. Buy containers in one colour to keep things looking uniform.

Step Three: Get to Work! Now that you've planned and prepared, it's time to organize! 1. Work in sections to avoid your whole kitchen being a disaster zone! A. Pull everything out of the space you're working in, clean the drawer/cupboard, insert organizational aids, and put food in storage containers. B. Don't be afraid to put like products in the same container to conserve storage space C. Label jars/containers if necessary. D. If needed, implement secondary kitchen storage (closet, hutch, etc.)

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