Hello October!

Is it just me, or do you too find it hard to believe we're on the doorstep of yet another month? September was, simply put, lovely. We were treated to an extension of summer with warm weather lasting almost the entire month; there were only a few cooler days letting us know that autumn is right around the corner. Though the dog days were nice, I am totally ready to trade my shorts and flip-flops in for boots, chunky sweaters, and hot drinks!

Fall is my favourite season - I love everything about it. The crisp air, the leaves, the smells (hello pumpkin spice everything!), Halloween and long trail walks and drives to admire the colours.

October always proves to be a busy month for us, but it's filled with all wonderful and exciting things. Our calendar is penned in with Hudson's 5th birthday party, a family photoshoot, Thanksgiving, a family weekend getaway with Rob's side of the family, me shooting my last ever wedding (gulp!), Halloween, and lots of DIY and home organization projects. I for one, am truly excited and looking forward to sharing these all with you!

If you follow me on my Young Mum Facebook page you may already be familiar with my monthly goals. I simply think of five or so beneficial, but equally obtainable, things that I am going to work towards achieving. It's a simple way to ensure I focus on carving out some time for me and the things I want to work on for myself and family.

Here is my monthly goal list for October: 1. Evening walks. If I'm not mistaken, this was also included in last month's list as well, but a brand new double stroller just arrived on my doorstep an hour ago, and now there are no excuse! 2. Family drives. These use to be a weekend staple in our home, and they were the first to go when I started my KonMari process because I needed the time. We all miss them, so a concerted effort to bring them back into our routine will be made. 3. Bake! Yes, bake. This is a skill I am definitely lacking in, but thankfully my Mum is not and she's prepared to help teach me (she's a brave soul). Bonus, I'll be sharing all the yummy recipes of the things we whip up! 4. Drink more water. I add this to every monthly goal list, and will likely continue to do so until I am able to achieve my daily water intake without conscious and concerted effort (five months in, one would think I'd be there by now... but nope!). 5. Date night. We managed to squeeze in a dinner date a couple of weeks ago, and it was so nice! Prior to that it was likely eight months since we had one (terrible, I know)!

So that's it friends, I am anticipating great things for October and look so forward to bringing you along. What are some of your monthly goals? I'd love to hear and be inspired by what you're working on, feel free to share them below in the comment section.

Happy October!