Hello November!


Christmas Planner Planning Happy November! I hope October treated you well and that you're anticipating a lovely month ahead. For us, October proved to be every bit as busy as I anticipated, possibly even more. There's something to be said for having full and productive days; and I felt overall successful in what I hoped to accomplish over the last thirty-one days. That's a nice way to end a month and look ahead to a new one!

November always feels like the calm or lull before the Holiday frenzy. In the past, I've always slowed down and allowed myself too much of a breather before December, only to consistently find the build up to Christmas near unmanageable, because I didn't pace myself. Not this year, friends! This year, I'm going to hustle so that come December I can actually enjoy the lead-up to Christmas (what a novel idea)! I have taken some serious time out of my schedule to get a schedule and plan for the coming weeks. I'm not only feeling like this plan of attack is going to keep me focused, it has allowed me to actually get really excited for all the fun that is this joyous time of year. I'd love for you to join me!

This month is going to be focused on preparing. I've started by brainstorming how I want to decorate this year, so that come the third week in November, it'll all be ready to go! I have my holiday baking planned and I'm going to pace myself by doing one recipe a week (which of course, I'll be sharing with you). The plan is also to have the large majority of our presents, especially the little ones like stocking stuffers bought. Loic and Rob's birthdays are also in December; so I'm going to start planning for those special celebrations as well. See, lots to be excited for knowing it's all doable and that's the nice (for a change) part. The key will be to stay focused and keep things simple!

In addition to planning and preparing, here are my other monthly goals:

Monthly Goal List for November:

  1. Walk! I know, this goal also made the top of the list for October, but it's something I slack on and I really want to get myself in the routine of. So, here's hoping this is the month I pull up my socks and get into it (wish me luck, k?).
  2. Say "no"! This sounds harsh, doesn't it? However, I'm learning as the busier my life becomes and my priority, as always, is at home first, it's important to implement the tactful art of saying "no". I am too much of a guilt-ridden, people pleaser... work in progress.
  3. Make hearty meals in advance to help in keeping from feeling overwhelmed as the month goes on (hello soup, casseroles, chilli, and stew... yum!)
  4. One weekly ME evening. As is likely the norm for most busy Mums/wives/working women, I fall last on the priority list for carving out some time to just do the simple things that pamper and renew my calm. Bathes! Tea! Nail painting!
  5. Take more photos. With my DSLR. My iPhone is wonderful for quick snaps on the go, but I've really slacked with capturing photos of our family life. Its always been important to me to document our family life in photographs and I need/want to get back into it.

So, on the whole, simple but productive goals that I'll be focusing on. As always, I'd love to know what your monthly goals are? Share, please!?

How do your Novembers usually shape up?