Review | Hello Fresh 2017


hello fresh promoWhen the generous people at Hello Fresh Canada offered to send me a Family Box to enjoy, I jumped at the chance. I have been interested in meal services, such as this one, for awhile but because I live in a somewhat remote area, I didn't think we would have the chance. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Hello Fresh ships out to the Maritime provinces. My first impression of the actual delivery was a good one; our box arrived promptly at noon and was extremely well package. 

For a full look at the unboxing, please see the video below:

If you watched through the entire video review, you know that we are definitely new fans to the Hello Fresh service and plan to order occasional boxes. As mentioned in the video, there were only a couple slight cons. The price is more than what you would likely pay buying each item at your local grocery store. For some, the convenience and novelty may far outweigh the added cost, but for us, given that we work within a moderate grocery budget, this service is one we likely won't be enjoying on a regular basis. The only other con is that it took us longer to prepare some of the meals (steak and chicken) than the provided estimate of 35 minutes.

Despite the cost and longer preparation time, we loved our experience. The food itself was extremely fresh, healthy and each meal was different enough to allow us to discover new recipes, but not too experimental that our children didn't enjoy it. The three meals we prepared took the guess work out of deciding what to serve and provided some fun suppers we otherwise would never have tried. I would say our family favourite was the Ground Pork Cantina Tacos (so yummy!). What I loved most about the service is now we have three new recipes to add to our repertoire of meals that we know how to prepare and are a guaranteed hit with our children.

We agree that for us, this service is similar to dining out - it's not something we do weekly, but is definitely a treat we enjoy. I am already looking forward to the next box arriving!

If you are interested in trying out Hello Fresh yourself, the promo code YOUNG50 will give you 50% off your first box (how awesome is that?!).

Big thank you to Hello Fresh for allowing us to try their awesome service!