FREE Father's Day Gift Ideas


Homemade gifts are some of the most precious treasures we have of our children growing up! While I’m a huge fan of keeping a minimal amount of keepsakes and mementos, handmade presents and gifts are ones I hold onto without reservation. I also especially cherish things that represent a time or phase within a child’s life.

This year, I put together a simple quiz that I’m going to have each of my kids fill out. This will be a fun activity and I know they’ll definitely have a few laughs coming up with their answers. It will also make for a great addition to Father’s Day; having the kids share their responses with Rob and see his reaction!

Free Printable Quiz

You can print a copy of this 8.5 x 11” quiz by clicking directly on the photo and downloading after the redirect. Of course you can also make your own version, too!


A few of years ago I recorded a video interview of our then five year old, Hudson as part of Rob’s Father’s Day present. He loved it. We still go back and watch that video often (he was so stinkin’ cute). It cost nothing but time to put together and it is still one of Rob’s favourite gifts to date.

I highly recommend doing this!

A smart phone and some questions are all that are needed. On iPhone you can even get a bit creative with simple editing through iMovie to create a bit more of a presentation. This is totally elective though, the answers are clearly the best part of the video. A little hint: put together a list of both intriguing questions and ones you know are going to make for a good laugh!