Fall and Halloween Decor Inspiration from Christmas Central

This blog post has been written in partnership with Christmas Central. All opinions and styling choices are our own.

The kick-off to loads of non-stop festive fun has commenced! Straight through to January, I will be in full seasonal decor mode and loving every minute of it. True to tradition, I started decorating for fall in mid-September. With a lot on the go around here (Back to School, company staying with us for two weeks, etc. etc.) I admittedly took longer than normal to complete everything, but it’s done now and it was definitely worth the wait. Little touches of earth tones, pumpkins and other autumn adornments have definitely cozied up our main living area and set the mood for Thanksgiving.

Fall Decor

Though I intentionally keep fall decor to a minimum, I still wanted to add a few new touches this year. Most notably, I was on the hunt for some fall decorations to style our fireplace mantle with. Christmas Central is my first choice for home decor items and of course, they didn’t disappoint! The first piece I found was a gorgeous autumn garland and once I had that determined I chose a few other items to compliment. A harvest spray for the existing white vase (also from Christmas Central) and two gorgeous pumpkins in copper and orange. The finished look is simple, festive and natural which will work perfectly when Halloween items are added to it.


Autumn Berry Garland / Chrysanthemum Fall Wreath / Teardrop White Vase / Copper Pumpkin / Beaded Spider

See the full look of these new items mixed with my pre-existing decor in the video below.


Continuing with the fun, I want to share some of my Halloween picks from the beautiful assortment of decorations from Christmas Central. Full transparency, Halloween decor is a weakness of mine and I can too easily fill up a cart - especially when there are so many cute options all in one place (aka. Christmas Central). So in an effort to not get too overwhelmed, I took stock of what I didn’t have and what needed replacement. I ended up with some specific items that I was then able to search on the site for.

Indoor Halloween Decor

I’m not lacking in the indoor Halloween department, however some of my decorations are at least a decade old and either no longer work or are just showing their age. Either way, a spruce up is always a good thing! Again with the mantle, which we didn’t have this time last year, I wanted some unique pieces that would merry both spooky and cute/whimsy Halloween. Upon first look for said preference, I fell in love with “Pumpkin Head Man”. Once I found him, it was clear he needed friends. Enter Spooky Owl and Beaded Spider. All three will be easy to add to the existing decor of the garland and glitter pumpkins.

Spooky Owl / Beaded Spider / Shelf Sitting Pumpkin Man

I also found a gorgeous, black and white vintage-looking pumpkin. The aged newspaper covering and glitter detail coordinate perfectly with the above crew and other pumpkins. For the mantle, this set of six lighted ghosts will be a perfect garland. They would also look equally great hanging behind our dining table or outside on the dresser veranda, so I’ll need to play around with that one! For the basement, I chose an EEK wall hanging, lighted sign. It’ll be a great addition to the fun and bright decor I already own for that area.

Outdoor Halloween Decor

Much like our indoor decor, many of our outdoor Halloween decorations have simply had their day. I selected new items based on what I had to replace, but also what I’d like to do new this year. The set of three pumpkin lanterns was the perfect update to ones I had that use to sit on our front steps which finally died last Halloween. To replace the glass lantern, which was broken over the summer, I was found a plastic version that is a lot safer, but still aesthetically great and with a battery operated LED candle. New this year, I’ll be adding a set of 10 flickering lights to our corn stalks to create a glowing effect at night and by day, the nostalgic look of the bulbs will compliment the shabby-chic style of my veranda decor.

Stay tuned for a full tour of our indoor and outdoor Halloween decor.


As always, big thanks to Christmas Central for working with us on this project. They have loads more Fall, Halloween and if you’re ready to start planning for the holidays, Christmas decor to choose from. Happy Shopping!