Easy Family Friendly Winter Meal Ideas


There is just something about the cold weather that requires certain meals. Am I right? In our house we’re all about hearty, stick-to-your bones, warm comfort food to get us through the long winter months. This said, we’re equally all about keeping it really simple and easy. Below is a round-up of our favourite winter meals that are as straight-forward and no fuss as they are delicious and cold weather approved.

Slow-cooker Selections

  1. Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken (over rice, with veg) - This one is a huge hit with our kids especially! I usually make a double recipe because the sauce freezes really well.

  2. Chilli - Okay, confession time. I really don’t have a chilli recipe to share with you because I basically just dump ingredients in the slow-cooker and call it a day. However, the internet has a lot of great options, so Google away!

  3. Chicken and Stuffing Dinner - This is as delicious as it sounds! Truly the definition of winter comfort food.

  4. Bob Evans Cop Cat Chicken & Noodles Soup - Make this soup and you’ll never make another kind of chicken soup again. Super simple, hearty and beyond yummy! Win! Win! Win!

  5. Thai Peanut Chicken - Why bundle up and go out for yummy Thai when you can stay in and make it at home!

  6. Pork Tenderloin - So easy, yet with simple veg on the side - it’s an impressive meal that is sure to please!

Easy Options (that require no introduction or recipe)

  1. Breakfast for supper! Easy, quick, warm and a fun change up to regular meals. We like to make pancakes, eggs, either bacon or sausage and fruit on the side.

  2. Spaghetti

  3. Baked ham, veggies and potato (sometimes we cheat and get a store prepared ham or chicken for this meal)

  4. Tuna melts and sweet potato fries

  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (our favourite is fresh Tomato Basil from Sobeys)

  6. Perogies with chilli (that you had stored in the freezer)

  7. Loaded Nachos - Fried hamburger or chicken, veggies, salsa, guacamole, loads of cheese… drooling yet?! This is an especially fun weekend meal during the winter.

Comfort Food

  1. Lasagna - This meal needs to convincing around here! We always make enough for left-overs or to freeze.

  2. Roasted Chicken Dinner - One pan of pure yum! Leftover chicken can be used for shredded tacos.

  3. Mac & Cheese - An easy cure for cold weather!

  4. Chicken and Rice Casserole - When the kids ask for it, you know it’s a good meal. Our children ask for this one!

  5. Beef Stew - How could I not include a stew on this list? To me a stew is almost THE winter meal.

  6. Chicken Enchiladas - Healthy and a family favourite!

  7. Shepherd’s Pie - One of my personal go-to’s!

If you were in a winter meal rut before reading this post, hopefully you now have at least a few ideas to change things up. Do you have any winter recipes to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you! Share as a comment!