DIY Backyard Summer Makeover

This post has been written in partnership with Kent Building Supplies. As always all opinions shared are uniquely our own.


Since purchasing our home, eight years ago, developing our outdoor space has always been a top priority. We spend a lot of our summer playing yard games, BBQing, entertaining and generally lounging around the backyard. This past spring, while getting the backyard “summer ready”, we noted some work was in definite order. Cue the ‘to do’ list:


  1. Outdoor Furniture: At the risk of falling through a seat, a lot of our outdoor furniture needed replacing, especially our back deck patio set.

  2. Revamp Backyard Space: Another thing Rob and I noticed is how much of our backyard was going completely unused and how a general refresh of decor and gardening was overdue.

  3. Deck Staining: Even though we just re-stained last summer, the deck was looking pretty beat up and needed to be properly stained again (#DIYfail).

As always, when it comes to doing several, related projects we prioritized the order of how we will get everything done. Taking into consideration time involved, our availability and generally what would work best, we determined we would start with setting up the back deck area in time for Canada Day. This would be done alongside of updating our garden beds and other backyard decor. Next, a new pavers patio and finally staining the deck.

If you’re an existing follower of ours, you know we do all our project and outdoor shopping at Kent. The product selection and in-store assistance keeps our shopping simple and budget-friendly. All products and material shown was provided by Kent.


Our back deck is by no means large, but it does accommodate a mid-size patio set and BBQ. As a family of five who loves eating outside - choosing a patio set that would work well for everyday use and entertaining was key. Kent offers a huge variety and it was so helpful to be able to go in-store and actually sit at the set to ensure it was a good fit. We also upped our patio umbrella game with a solar option that lights up the ribs. I thought this would be a neat feature, but honestly I had no idea we would benefit from this additional light so much. In fact, I can’t imagine not having an umbrella that lights up (plus it looks so pretty at night)! We also picked out a beautiful outdoor area rug (which we’ll put out once the staining is complete), a gorgeous tabletop lantern and beautiful planters to make the space pop with fresh greenery and colour.

During this phase, we tended to our existing garden beds with new mulch and some annual plants.

4. Red Harmony Tall Planter / 5. Round Metal Wall Planter / 6. Flowers from Kent Garden Centre

Overall this revamp has come together even better than we imagined. Our back deck looks fresh, coordinated and inviting. We find ourselves doing more than just eating on the deck; we’ve been enjoying game nights, crafting with the kids and simply sitting around our new patio set.



With three small children, we have found ourselves spending the majority of our summers in our backyard. While the kids enjoy running and playing in the grass; Rob and I very rarely left the back deck. This was mainly because there typically wasn’t a spot not in use by the kids and/or dog (anyone else relate?). Putting in a pavers patio was the easiest way to establis dedicated space for lounging and entertaining. I love that this form of patio blends in beautifully with grass and garden landscaping; creating a natural flow but obvious distinction within the yard.


Putting in the pavers patio was a definite DIY undertaking. We learned as we went and had lots of questions for the Kent team! If this is something you might be interested in doing yourself, we will be sharing a dedicated post on our tips for installation (stay tuned!).

Since completion we have truly been reaping the benefits of all of Rob’s hard work. The paver’s patio has become such a hot spot for us, especially in the evenings for gathering with friends and enjoying lots of s’mores over the Flame Genie.

For this space, we prioritized comfort and functionality with a cushioned patio set that has lots of room for our family and plenty of friends. The centre table is a great addition as we can use it to enjoy eating a meal, playing games or just putting out snacks. The Flame Genie has been a key feature of this area; it’s portable so it can easily be moved out of the way if not in use and creates such nice ambiance in the evenings. We also added some floral decor, garden lights and revamped our side garden. Total oasis!


1. Flame Genie 19 / 2. All Flowers, Shrubs & Mulch from Kent Garden Centre / 3. Fruit Pillows / 4. Solar Microdot Lights / 5. Glass Lantern with Rope / 6. Stanhope Banquet Set



Phase three of our backyard makeover is to stain our back deck. Full disclosure, this would not have been added to this year’s ‘to do’ list if we had done our homework in researching the correct way to stain when we did it last year. As they say - you live, you learn! We’ll be meeting with a SICO representative in the coming week to learn the best practices for staining and of course, will be sharing this information with you. So stay tuned!

Summer is short here on Canada’s East Coast and we like to make the most of it! This Kent makeover has transformed our backyard into a space we truly love and can maximum the best of the season with.

Big thank you to Kent for partnering with us on this project. Follow their socials for helpful tips and home inspiration: Facebook / Instagram / Get Inspired via Website