Christmas 2018 Prep Cleaning Series


Every year I plan on getting the house in order before the Holidays. Every year I find myself too late to start and so it doesn’t happen. Instead I push through the Christmas season wishing our home were better prepared for the festivities and being annoyed at myself that I didn’t work harder to get it done. Not this year. This year we are prepared! Rob and I spent a good hour coming up with a plan of attack to settle our home ahead of the peak Holiday rush.

Recognizing that we won’t realistically get it all done, we decided to prioritize our cleaning based on need and function. We mapped out the areas that need our attention most (kitchen) and the rooms we know we’ll be spending a lot of time in during Christmas (family room). We even have a few decor projects that we’ll be throwing into the mix, but that’ll be shared as a separate post.

For now, this is our agenda and tentative timeline. This will be shared as a series on our YouTube channel and through updates here and across our socials (so be sure to follow along, everywhere)!

2018 Christmas Prep Cleaning

Week One:
- Family Room
- Declutter toys
- Tidy office

Week Two:
- Kitchen Declutter, Reorganization
- Bathroom cleaning

Week Three:
- Bedroom tidy (x3)
- Front closet tidy
- Bathroom deep-cleaning (x3)
- Livingroom decor update

Yes, we have our work cut out for us and it’s likely just a bit ambitious; but ‘tis the season for dreaming big!