Choosing Paint Color - Things to Consider

how to pick paint colour
how to pick paint colour

*Please note this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Canadian Tire  in using their Premier Paint for updating my home office. Not only did this project provide a much needed refresh for the room, but I learned a great deal on how to make sure you choose the right colour. See the thing is, while a colour may look fabulous and like the perfect fit on a swatch, in actuality it may show entirely different on your wall. There are lots of factors that play into this, but some of the main ones are: age of the home, amount of natural light in the particular room and decor choice.

For this particular project, I knew I wanted a bright, neutral and fresh shade to offset the size of the room and it being in the basement. After receiving my Premier kit of products, including the entire catalogue of Premier paint colours, I picked my new colour. I held up the swatch against all walls of the room during different times of the day.

However, this all changed once I got to Canadian Tire. For the first time in my career of buying paint, the sales associate asked all kinds of questions to better help me. Through conversation, she told me that the colour I thought I wanted, was actually a "warm" shade. Going with this color would have created the yellow tone I was desperate to avoid. From there I had a mini lesson on how to avoid taking home the wrong paint colour.

The takeaway tips are:

  1. ,Predetermine: The amount of natural light the room has, the tone/decor of the space and whether you want the feel to be more cool or warm.
  2. If you are unsure of any of the above, discuss this with a knowledgable paint sales person.
  3. Ask for a colour breakdown of the shade you are interested in. This will ensure there are no undertones that will affect the appearance of the paint. For example, the initial colour I picked, which I thought was a cool tone, has browns and reds in it which are actually warm.

The most important lesson I learned, was to have a conversation with the sales associate. This way, you can be sure that what you think you are choosing for your paint colour is actually the correct shade for the project and/or room.

Once I had the colour right, the actual painting was a breeze. We are now self-proclaimed (major) fans of Premier paint. The formula is beautiful, application was the best we've ever experienced and the colour is rich. I've even put it to the ultimate test of having to wash the newly painted wall with no issues! Simply put, I can't recommend the brand enough.

While we still have a fair bit to do in the way of finishing my home office, I have to share the before/after of the paint job. The shade I used is 'Snowy Night'. Changing the colour alone has made such an amazing difference!

I am so in love with this gorgeous paint colour that I painted our ensuite bath with it, too! 'Snowy Night' is such a neutral shade that it transitions equally well no matter the light situation. It also provides a fresh backdrop to easily compliment any decor.

Big thank you to Canadian Tire for allowing me the pleasure of trying their Premier Paint. This has come as a much needed update!