Beside-U Pacoima Backpack Review + Giveaway


After my beloved crossbody purse finally became too worn to use, I spent nearly a year relying mainly on pockets to house my essentials. It wasn't cute or practical. It's not that I didn't want to find a replacement, it was more that I'm picky when it comes to choosing accessories like purses. I don't want to break the bank, but I also don't want to constantly be replacing inexpensive ones, looks matter as does size. Trying to actually shop for this isn't an easy task.

I discovered Beside-U from a simple Google inquiry. I've been loving my 'Mom Backpack' and wanted something smaller but just for my personal use. Beside-U was one of the first inquiry results and I instantly fell in love with their overall design aesthetic and functionality. Beside-U has a wide range of purses, backpacks, wallets and more for both men and women.

After going through their large selection of backpacks, I chose the Pacoima. It's the perfect fit for my needs. I've been using (and loving) this backpack purse (or backpurse?) for a few weeks now and it's as great as I hoped it would be. Actually, it's even better than that.

Pacoima Backpack Highlights

  • Look - The classic design and style of this bag makes it an easy fit for any occasion and outfit. I chose black, but heavily debated the navy option! The gold hardware gives the backpack an upgraded feel and look. 
  • Built-in Organization - Two exterior zippered pockets come in very handy. I really like that one of the pockets is discretely hidden in the back (see picture above). This would be especially helpful when traveling. The interior is roomy, but this doesn't compromise the sleekness when worn. Built-in pockets are very helpful for frequently used items like your wallet, sunglasses, etc. The padded back tablet/laptop is a definite added bonus.

  • Security - The interior blocking RFID zippered pocket is a security must, especially when traveling.
  • Comfort - I felt a bit like baby bear when selecting this backpack. I didn't want one that was too small or too big, rather one that fit just right. The Pacoima is the perfect size. It doesn't look like a true backpack when wearing it, but it doesn't look like I borrowed my toddler's either. The straps are really comfortable and adjust well.
  • Construction - Beside-U  makes quality products, period. My Pacoima is solid in structure. No matter the contents, the bag looks the same.  The zippers are well made and the same is true for the pouches, grab handle and fabric.


*Open to residents of Canada only (including Quebec)
*Prize - select one bag from the Beside-U Canadian website