Live Whale Planner Review

When I love something, I mean really love something, I can’t help but share. And over the last year or so, I have shared a lot about my fondness of the Live Whale Planner. However, I’ve yet to do a dedicated review. With the busy school routine back in full swing, now seems like the perfect opportunity to let you in on how the Live Whale Planner keeps me not only organized, but consistently tapped into my own goals and self-care.

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Planner Overview

The Live Whale Planner is available in two, undated formats:

  • 3 Months - Daily Diary

  • 3 Months - Weekly Diary

Which format to choose is really based on your preference and personal needs. I recommend looking at the layout of the two options to see which will work best for you. For me, I use the weekly for work and the daily format for personal/family and diary keeping. The concise, weekly layout allows me, at a glance, to quickly see what I have coming up and easily schedule based on my availability. The daily format is more detailed and provides more writing space for journaling and as such, works best for my personal, family and journaling needs.

Both formats are:

  • Hard-covered

  • A5 size (14.5 x 21.4 cm - 5.5 x 8”)

  • 100 GSM paper weight

  • Made of vegan leather and recycled material

  • Contain an inner folder and three unique bookmarks

The weekly and daily layouts are presented in a soft grey colour. I especially like this because the Live Whale Planner is gender neutral in design, but can be customized - perfect for the creative planner enthusiast!

Currently there are two outer colour options: coral and royal blue. New colours will be introduced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned on that. Even still, the blue and pink are truly gorgeous.

Live Whale Planners are priced exceptionally well at 15-20 USD depending on the layout.

Unique Planning Features

What I enjoy most about the Live Whale Planner is how well it functions as both a standard planner, but equally, a journal and tool for self-care and goal development/tracking.


  • Weekly or Daily spread

  • Calendar

  • Expense Tracker

  • Habit Tracker

  • Goal Setting and Date Countdown

  • Gratitude Practice

  • Motivational Quotes and Inspiration

  • Vision Board/Mind Map/My Role in Life

  • Meal Planner/To-Do List/Daily Priorities (Daily)


I use to try and maintain a planner and separate journal. I found this to be time consuming and impractical for travel. The Live Whale Planner functions equally well for both of these needs. The size especially has proven convenient for taking my LWP on the go; fitting comfortable even in my purse!

Using the Live Whale Planner has encouraged me in my on-going practice of self-care. Daily prompts of affirmation, goal setting, habits, gratitude and more have grounded me even on the busiest, most frantic of days. It has become routine now to wind down in the evenings with a 5-10 minute journaling session that I know, without the LWP I would not be doing. On their own, these self-care practices would likely feel overwhelming, but because the Live Whale Planner incorporates these sections into the main scheduling portion of the planner, it’s easy to complete without any real additional effort or thought. Win!

Life is busy and planning has become a necessity. The Live Whale Planner has allowed me to stay in control, up to date and well paced with everything that I manage - two businesses, family and my personal obligations. For this alone, I’m a fan. However, adding in the self-care component of planning is what has really made me a total LWP devotee.

Tips for Getting Started

  1. Explore your Live Whale Planner: Before diving into the planner, spend some time familiarizing yourself with all the different sections. This planner is packed with tons of value and if you jump right in before first getting to know all the features, you may miss out on some.

  2. Sunday Set-up: I always recommend doing your planning on Sundays. This is because it will allow you to start the week feeling positive and in-control. Planning at the beginning of the week will also allow you to prioritize your availability and goals.

  3. Create alerts/alarms: If you’re not already a planner, it can take some time to get into the routine. Prompting yourself with alerts on your phone or similar will ensure you are keeping up to date and developing the habit.

  4. Start Slow: I share this specifically in reference to the self-care features of the LWP. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to start everything at once. Begin with one or two practices such as the daily gratitude and habit tracker. This will ensure you don’t quit before you’ve been able to benefit from these amazing tasks.

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